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Laser Remote Welding Maschine – FlexLaserBOX 2200 SeriesVariante 1.001

The laser remote welding machine FlexLaserBOX 2200 Fiber emphasises flexibility and performance capability. It can be used simultaneously by two operators working independently from each other.
The front and back of the machines are identical so it can be loaded and unloaded from either side. Moreover, two welding areas which can be used independently of each other are available.
Additional possible uses can be realised thanks to the turntable of 1,500 mm provided as standard. Standard model features 4-D kinematics.

Variante 1.1-002 Variante 1.1-001

Operating Modes
The laser remote welding machine FlexLaserBOX 2200 is based on a concept offering a high degree of variability which gives you the assurance that your investment will be protected in the future. The following operating modes are possible:

Standard Mode
Traditional turntable use from both sides of the machine. Two operators cooperate to produce one component or several different components. The turntable can be loaded and unloaded from either side as desired.

Single Mode
When the turntable is locked, a laser protection partition can be placed in the middle. Now the two sides can be used as workplaces independently of each other. Setups and production can take place simultaneously, or two different components can be produced independently of each other. Thanks to the extremely short welding times, practically no time is wasted in waiting.

Flex Mode
An available option allows you to use the machine as a radial machine as well. The turntable is removed, and both doors are locked in the open position. Special laser protection plates with a passageway for a conveyor belt allow you to run a production line through the machine. This option must be set up specifically for each customer.
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