Spin 150i / Spin 200i

The SPIN series is a product row of centrifuges for disks to approx. 150 mm / 200 mm diameter. By the use of special plastics with high chemical stability such as polypropylene (PP) and fluorine plastics (PTFE) the SPIN series is ideally suitable for applications in the semiconductor industry. So for example for developing, corroding as well as cleaning and drying of wafers or coating glass substrates (LCD). Models are available as desktop device or to the installation into a wet bank. The variants range from the simple system for manual dispensations (MCD) up to the full automat (ACD) with different spray nozzles for liquids or gases and optional automatic cap opening. Different workpiece carriers with and without vacuum are available. The high performance devices drive maximum speeds up to 10.000 U/min with extremely short acceleration times.

SPIN150 tabletop TFM-2

Polos 200 / Polos 300 / Polos 450

The centrifuges Polos 200 / Polos 300 / Polos 450 are devices with extended functionality and additional options.
They employ more powerful drives and can be configured to customer demands.
The use of specialized polymers with a high chemical resistiveness as Polypropylene (PP) and Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) makes the Polos series of tools ideally suited for applications in semiconductor industry. Models for use as a table top or for the integration into wet benches are available. The range of variants reaches from simple systems for manual dispensing to fully automatic devices for various fluids or gases and optionally automatic lid-opening. Substrate holders (chucks) with or without use of vacuum can be selected from a large variety of sizes and designs.


Polos 600

The Polos 600 extend the spinner series by centrifuges for disks up to 600 mm in diameter. Here the process area and substantial housing components are manufactured of high-grade steel. A fully automatic cover opening and cover locking with protection circuit provide for short process tracing. Automatic dispensation and positioning mechanisms are optionally available. Electrical entrances and exits offer the integration of neighbouring processes. Workpiece carriers made of high-grade steel, coated aluminum or special plastics with vacuum and mechanical centring are to be seen from the standard program.