Wafer Inspection System WIS

The Wafer Inspection system WIS is high-quality equipment for examining wafers. The selection of one or several wafer which can be examined is purposefully possible over an automatic program or manually over control panel. The wafer is lifted out upward over a wafer grab segment and a stroke unit from the carrier and can be turned alternatively into different directions. The handling and configuration of the equipment as well as the mechanism of the program sequences can be made user-friendly over an external operating panel. Only high-quality materials are used with the production of the WIS. They are the basis for a long life span and ensure the working reliability with each processing step. Therefore the WIS is suitable ideally for the use in the cleanroom. Please indicate the carrier identification as well as the wafer size for your order. The equipment is available for wafer sizes of 4″ to 8″.


Wafer Prober

The Wafer Prober is a tool for sampling electrical parameters measured via contacting by needle adapters. It employs a manual fine positioning with a lateral accuracy of +/- 5 microns. A camera system displays the relevant substrate region of approximately one square millimeter magnified to a 10”-monitor. Wafers of up to 8” diameter can be processed.

Wafer Prober