Carrier Handling System CLS NG

The Carrier the Loading system -single is used for the automatic loading and unloading of wafer out/in the wafer cartridges. The wafer cartridge will proceed in the height for the removal of the wafer. Over a belt the lowest wafer is taken in each case out of the cartridge and can be processed by hand. The CLSS recognizes automatically via sensors whether a wafer is contained in the position. Loading takes place exactly the other way around -first the 25. wafer is loaded afterwards the 24th etc.. One wafer size can be used -alternatively 5″/6″ or 6″/8″ per equipment”.


Carrier Loading System – Single CLSS

The Carrier Loading System – Single allows automatic Loading / Unloading of wafers into/from  carriers. The carrier is elevated for access to the wafers. A belt transport delivers the next lowest wafer to a tray where it can be removed manually for further processing.
The CLSS detects slot occupation in the carrier slots automatilly by sensors. For loading operation the process is reversed. The device is available in two variants, each capable of handling two different sizes of wafers (5″/6″ or 6″/8″).


Wafer Sorter Sort300

The Sort300 is an integrated cleanroom-system for sorting of 200mm- (8”-) or 300mm- (12”-) wafers. Three loadports can be loaded with carriers of different types (plastic or metal). Optionally a Carrier-ID can be read with a barcode-scanner.
The carrier occupation (mapping) is determined with an IR-optical sensor that is capable of detecting wafers thinned down to as little as 80 microns. A servo driven X-Y-Z-axis-system picks the wafers with a ceramic vacuum-grabber from the cassettes and places them onto a table moving with the robot for notch-finding.
After according rotation an OCR-string can be read by a specific camera that moves to the respective 8”- or 12”-radius position.
The Sort300 features fast turn-around cycles and supports a large number of sorting algorithms including lot-splitting from a 25-slot-cassette into two 13-slot-cassettes and vice versa the lot-merging. The system can be operated standalone or be connected to different types of control systems including SECS-GEM standard. For operation and process-visualization the Sort300 provides a user friendly operator-interface on a large graphical touch-display. Access to setup- and service-functions is code-protected in different levels. Adaptions to specific demands are possible at any time upon request.