Technician with clipboard watching lathe cutting machine in hi-tech manufacturing plant Engineer examining printed circuit board at electrical test bench

Due to our large manufacturing penetration and competency we will account for your specific demands flexibly and fast.

We manufacture your machines, develop your assemblies, design your components and program your control units.
Our technicians and system experts will support you on site on the implementation to achieve your objectives.

Development & engineering – mechanical design with SolidWorks
• Software solutions in flexible variants
• Construction of prototypes
• Electrical design and PCB-design

Mechanical manufacturing – manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of assemblies and machines
• Manufacturing of complex CNC-parts by CAD/CAM-conversion

Electronics manufacturing  – SMD mounting
• Conventional mounting
• 100% functional checks

Assembly of switching cabinets & device manufacturing – electrical switchboard planning
• Mounting, wiring, checking and commissioning
• Installation of plants and facilities