The 8-channel-KNX-SMI-actuator SMIdrive-8 allows control of up to eight independent SMI-drives in shutters or blinds.
The channels can be configured and addressed individually.

KNX control module for SMI drives

The APT SMIdrive-8 i KNX module is a universal actor with an SMI channel for the control of up to eight drives. These drives are addressed and controlled individually.

The drives are controlled by means of the actor parameterisation and the KNX receive commands. It is also possible to retrieve status information. The system supports roller shutters and Venetian blinds whereby the fin angle is automatically adjusted. The system allows for the saving of scenes. Manual, automated and security-controlled actions can be prioritised based on the set operating statuses.

The APT SMIdrive-8 is commissioned, parameterised and operated through the well-designed, user-friendly ETS (Engineering Tool Software) interface.
The APT SMIdrive-8 is compatible with SMI drives of all types. Manufacturer-specific features can be operated through a special interface.

You can download these files:

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• [wpfilebase tag=file id=6 tpl=simple /] (The english version will be avaiable soon)

• [wpfilebase tag=file id=8 tpl=3-col-row /] ETS-3 Product DB (*.vd5 – File)

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If your browser changes the suffix to *.zip during download rename to *.vd5.
The file works on the ETS-4 platform as well.